What is The 4Kscore® Test Prostate Cancer Probability Assessment?

What Is The 4Kscore® Test Prostate Cancer Probability Assessment?

The 4Kscore® Test Helps Clarify the Biopsy Decision-Making Process by Determining a Patient-Specific Probability for Finding Aggressive Prostate Cancer on Biopsy

What We Need Today Is a New Way To Detect Aggressive Prostate Cancer

What Physicians Are Saying

“We’re being told by many government bodies and regulatory agencies that we shouldn’t even screen men for prostate cancer, yet we’ve seen the mortality rate for prostate cancer fall steadily over the last two decades with PSA screening. In my opinion, the response to the challenge we’re facing in accurate detection of prostate cancer is not to abandon PSA testing altogether, but to learn how to test smarter, how to screen patients with PSA smarter and more accurately. I think the 4Kscore® Test is a great tool for helping us do that.”

Peter Scardino, M.D., Chairman, Department of Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

*Disclosure: Dr. Scardino is an inventor of the 4Kscore® Test and is involved in its commercial development. Dr. Scardino is a paid consultant to OPKO Health, Inc., the company to which the 4Kscore® Test is licensed.

“Prostate biopsy is a very anxiety-provoking procedure. Men are very fearful about one specific question: "Do I have prostate cancer?" The 4Kscore® Test helps urologists decide when a prostate biopsy is an appropriate next plan of action.”

Stephen Zappala, M.D, Clinical Associate, Department of Urology, Massachusetts General Hospital